Sea Borders catalogue

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20 x 5cm

JA14 Clown fish border

JA15 Angel fish

JA16 Parrot fish

JA18 Seahorse left facing ( can be painted right facing )

JA20 Seahorse right facing ( can be painted left facing )

JA21 Left facing Shell tile ( can be painted right facing )

15cm x 7.5cm

S23 Clown fish A

S24 Clown fish B

S25 Parrot fish

S26 Picasso fish

S27 Crab

S28 Goldfish

S29 Seahorse

S30 Shell

Tacos – all tacos can be painted on either the square or diagonal  – they are available on 5 x 5cms or 7.5 x 7.5cms tiles.

JA26 Clown fish taco

JA27 Angel fish

JA28 Seahorse taco