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Gorgeous Sea Life underwater sea life scene ...

A custom made  25 tile mural on the customer’s patio wall !

For the more custom made , bespoke tile designs click here

One of our all time classics ! – the much loved handmade 6 tile Seahorse mural but with an extra special twist …

We were delighted to have been asked to personalize these tiles to suit a customer’s colour scheme , we replaced the Turquoise background for the Moss colour … we think Mr Seahorse looks pleased as punch !

                     Why not ask us to make something especially for you too ?

Sea tile panels & murals … why not create your own stunning centrepiece ?

These tiles create a really individual feel to any bathroom or kitchen wall. As well as our standard range of panels on this page, work with our artist  to create unique & individual wall tiles or panels to your own particular requirements. How about swapping one fish for another?

You’ll be the proud owner of a completely unique work of wall art that reflects your personality !


          Create the bathroom you’ve always longed for with  colourful , luxurious tiles

As you soak in the bath to de-stress after a long day , it’s so much nicer to gaze at some decorative , carefully hand made tiles with their gorgeous Persian glazes than looking at boring tiles ! Each tile is lovingly hand painted  … how can that not lift your mood !



Sizes Available

Most tile panels are available in either 15cm x 15cm and 20cm x 20cm format

For the FULL RANGE in the Sea Life Panels and Murals collection , click here

Not just for bathrooms … the Trout mural looks pretty fantastic behind a range cooker .

Team it with our range of gorgeous plain tiles to create your dream kitchen … just the way you want it !

Wow … Our hand painted single Tropical Fish tiles used with single Fish tile murals  & matching plain Turquoise tiles , all using our unique Persian glazes.