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 Each tile is handpainted by us , each one is unique & reflects the story of how it was created  .

No two of our decorative tiles are the same , they show the beautiful natural imperfections that form their personality ( a bit like us all ! ) .

We are known for our unique Persian glazes , that we have carefully developed over many years . They are tricky to work with but we love the bold , glossy colours the glazes produce .We often describe them as being similar to stained glass crossed with watercolour paints …intense colours with soft edges that blur & move slightly in the kiln . 

Did you know that in their raw pre-fired state , the glazes are a totally different colour to how they eventually look after firing !

Our wonderful customers love the fact they can talk to us .direct … the artists who were inspired by nature , designed & then carefully created each tile.

Don’t forget – we are always happy to chat to  about your tile ideas !