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Custom made, special commission tiles..completely unique for you  !

We would love to create something just for you , from one tile  to a complete wall of gorgeous tile designs. Please contact us & have a chat about how we can design something special to your particular requirements.

Bespoke tile designs – a completely unique artwork designed just for you …

Perhaps you know exactly what tile design you’d like – great ! Ring us up & let’s discuss how we can make the process as easy & enjoyable for you as possible .

Or maybe you have  only a vague idea of what you may like but are unsure how it might look on a tile … also great ! We have loads of ideas that we can have a chat about & you can then have a think about the possibilities .

We have designed & hand-painted bespoke tile commissions that are as small ( but still very special !) as one tile with children’s names around their favourite fish , a Peacock panel as a 70th birthday present from a daughter to her mum , up to a huge underwater Coral Reef scene with vibrant Tropical fish fleeting about for a wall next to rather splendid swimming pool !

Another very popular idea is to use one of our current tile designs but change it to complement your own room decor, for example, change the direction a fish is swimming in or swap one colour for another . As each tile is hand painted ,we are delighted to help & these changes can be easily accommodated.

Below are a few examples of some of the custom made tile designs we have created … for our very latest designs, please follow us using the button at the top of the page on Instagram , Facebook & Pinterest !

Detail of hand painted Tropical Fish wall tile mural

25 tile Fish underwater scene sea life tilel mural

Bespoke Butterfly tiles all on 10x20cm brick style format

Butterfly tiles on a Jade background for a range cooker splashback

Wave tile mural in a new kitchen

Abstract Wave kitchen tile splashback mural

6 tile Yacht mural splashback on 20x20cm tiles

Custom made Yacht tile panel in a kitchen with cream tiles

Details of custom made Yacht tile mural

Bespoke10x20cm Squirrel tile on Glacier background colour

Custom made Squirrel & Fox metro tiles with Glacier background

Hand decorated art Wildlife tiles as a kitchen backsplash

15x15cms London Land mark tiles

More London landmark tiles !

Bespoke London landmark art tile splashback

Detail of Battersea Power Station tile

10x10cm Daffodil tile

10x10cm Chough bird tile

Chough & Daffodil special commissioned tiles with matching plain 10x10cm

Bespoke Boat tile

Custom designed handpainted tiles on 15 x 15cm tiles.

Bespoke hand made Leaf tile designs.

Handmade custom stripy tile design on a 10x10cm tile

Custom hand-painted panel of 4 tiles with a Peacock

4 tile Peacock mural on 20x20cm tiles

Custom hand-painted panel of 4 tiles with a Ducks & Ducklings

3 tile Duck & Duckling tile mural on 20x20cm tiles

Custom made Stripy tile on 20x20cm tile

10 tile bespoke Mermaid mural

Custom made Marine Life 6 tile mural

Beautiful bespoke hand painted Butterfly 4 tile mural on 20x20cm tiles

A bespoke tile commission for a Fox tile .

Tropical island tiles

Tropical Island life on 15x15cm tiles

Blue Tang Fish on 20x20cm tile.

Caterpillar 3 tile panel

Caterpillar on 3x 15x15cms tiles

Butterfly tile panels

Butterfiles on 10x10cms tiles

Custom designed panel of Irises on 20x20cm tiles

Hand-painted tile panel of Irises on 20x20cm tiles

Seascape Panel of hand-painted tiles

Seascape Custom Panel on 20x20cm tiles

Scary Octopus hand-painted frieze

Octopus Tile Panel

Globe custom tile frieze

The Whole World on your wall - custom designed panel