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Custom made, special commission tiles..completely unique for you  !

We would love to create something just for you , from one tile  to a complete wall of gorgeous tile designs. Please contact us & have a chat about how we can design something special to your particular requirements.

Bespoke tile designs – a completely unique artwork designed just for you …

Perhaps you know exactly what tile design you’d like – great ! Ring us up & let’s discuss how we can make the process as easy & enjoyable for you as possible .

Or maybe you have  only a vague idea of what you may like but are unsure how it might look on a tile … also great ! We have loads of ideas that we can have a chat about & you can then have a think about the possibilities .

We have designed & hand-painted bespoke tile commissions that are as small ( but still very special !) as one tile with children’s names around their favourite fish , a Peacock panel as a 70th birthday present from a daughter to her mum , up to a huge underwater Coral Reef scene with vibrant Tropical fish fleeting about for a wall next to rather splendid swimming pool !

Another very popular idea is to use one of our current tile designs but change it to complement your own room decor, for example, change the direction a fish is swimming in or swap one colour for another . As each tile is hand painted ,we are delighted to help & these changes can be easily accommodated.

Below are a few examples of some of the custom made tile designs we have created … for our very latest designs, please follow us using the button at the top of the page on Instagram , Facebook & Pinterest !

Penguin hand decorated tile splashback mural

Bespoke Penguin tile art mural - perfect for splashbacks

Decorative Peguin art tile mural

Detail of 6 tile hand made Penguin tile mural

custom made Hummingbird tile mural
Hand made bespoke Hummingbird tile splashback
Hand painted picture art Hummingbird tile mural


Creating special tile designs that we’ve always wanted to explore & inspired by the beautiful colours & textures of the natural world – this 6 tile Hummingbird & Flowers tile mural & Penguin mural (above) are one-off works of art & are available to buy at £350.00 each.


hand decorated Tropical Bird wall art tiles

Bespoke hand made Tropical Bird tiles

Hand painted Tropical Leaf tiles

Art tile mural of Ducks

10 tile custom made Duck tile splashback

Mallard & duckling hand made tile splashback

Detail of Duck tile panel showing Mallard & Duckling

Artisan Duck tile bathroom splashback mural

Custom made Duck tile mural as basin backsplash

Handmade Bird border tiles in shower

American bird tiles on 10x20cm Pale Blue in shower used as a border

Bespoke hand decorated picture Bird tiles

2 Bluebirds on 10x20cm tiles

Artisan handmade Bird tiles

Red Cardinal , Bluebird & Woodpecker bird tiles

Custom made View of Exmoor kitchen splashback tile mural

Custom made 8 tile View of Exmoor mural

decorative art tile splashback mural with Cats & Butterflies

Cats chasing Butterflies tile mural on 10x20cm brick tiles.

Cat tile splashback tile mural

Detail of Cats chasing Butterflies

Hedgehog tile on Ultramarine background

handmade cutom made butterfly splashback mural

4 tile Butterfly wall art tile mural with stripe borders

bespoke kitchen decorative art tiles

Custom made tile mural splashbacks in a new kitchen

Detail of hand painted Tropical Fish wall tile mural

25 tile Fish underwater scene sea life tilel mural

Bespoke Butterfly tiles all on 10x20cm brick style format

Butterfly tiles on a Jade background for a range cooker splashback

Wave tile mural in a new kitchen

Abstract Wave kitchen tile splashback mural

6 tile Yacht mural splashback on 20x20cm tiles

Custom made Yacht tile panel in a kitchen with cream tiles

Details of custom made Yacht tile mural

Bespoke10x20cm Squirrel tile on Glacier background colour

Custom made Squirrel & Fox metro tiles with Glacier background

Hand decorated art Wildlife tiles as a kitchen backsplash

15x15cms London Land mark tiles

More London landmark tiles !

Bespoke London landmark art tile splashback

Detail of Battersea Power Station tile

10x10cm Daffodil tile

10x10cm Chough bird tile

Chough & Daffodil special commissioned tiles with matching plain 10x10cm

Bespoke Boat tile

Custom designed handpainted tiles on 15 x 15cm tiles.

Bespoke hand made Leaf tile designs.

Handmade custom stripy tile design on a 10x10cm tile

Custom hand-painted panel of 4 tiles with a Peacock

4 tile Peacock mural on 20x20cm tiles

Custom hand-painted panel of 4 tiles with a Ducks & Ducklings

3 tile Duck & Duckling tile mural on 20x20cm tiles

Custom made Stripy tile on 20x20cm tile

10 tile bespoke Mermaid mural

Custom made Marine Life 6 tile mural

Beautiful bespoke hand painted Butterfly 4 tile mural on 20x20cm tiles

A bespoke tile commission for a Fox tile .

Tropical island tiles

Tropical Island life on 15x15cm tiles

Blue Tang Fish on 20x20cm tile.

Caterpillar 3 tile panel

Caterpillar on 3x 15x15cms tiles

Butterfly tile panels

Butterfiles on 10x10cms tiles

Custom designed panel of Irises on 20x20cm tiles

Hand-painted tile panel of Irises on 20x20cm tiles

Seascape Panel of hand-painted tiles

Seascape Custom Panel on 20x20cm tiles

Scary Octopus hand-painted frieze

Octopus Tile Panel

Globe custom tile frieze

The Whole World on your wall - custom designed panel