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Hand painted & unique ...Clown fish borders look fantastic as a basin splashback

Deep & glossy 15x15cm plain Turquoise tiles with hand made 15×7.5cm Picasso fish tiles

Stunning hand painted Sea border & taco tiles

Uniquely vibrant , glossy colours …found only in our Persian glazes 

These highly individual & original tiles  are particularly close to my heart … these sea tiles evoke my childhood spent in the coral reefs of Malaysia – the bright colours , patterns & textures have stayed with me & continue to inspire my work today.

I love their cheeky expressions & sense of movement – why not use them ‘swimming ‘ along your bathroom wall with a larger format white tile or to really set them off , with our plain Turquoise tiles … wow !

Create your own dream space !

Don’t forget  , as we paint all our tiles by hand , we are delighted to be able to ( pretty much ! ) paint any tile design you’d like on most tile sizes … shown here is a Clown fish 7.5x15cm design on a 10x20cm tile , an Angel fish 7.5x15cm design on a 15x15cm tile & the same design on a 7.5x15cm tile .

Clown fish tacos in the corners really make this Tropical fish mural come alive !



Border tiles are  available in:

  • 20 x 5 cm borders
  • 15 x 7.5 cm tiles
  • 7.5cm and 5cm square tacos

For the FULL RANGE in the  Sea Borders & Tacos collection , click here

5x5cm tacos carefully packaged up…