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New spring glaze ideas inspired by the fresh growth in the garden … soft & delicate .

Inspired by nature to create exceptional tile designs. & utterly unique Persian glazes…..

Did you know – over 120 hours of passion, care and attention go into each tile ?

Established in 1994, Jaafar Studio is a small Cotswold workshop specialising in producing highly individual hand made wall tiles based on an Ancient Persian glaze system. We have carefully researched and developed this Persian glaze to produce our uniquely colourful and glossy tile colours.

To our knowledge , we are the only ceramic tile artists in the UK to use this very specialized glaze.

We are passionate about producing innovative designs and pride ourselves in creating highly individual and original tiles with real personality !
And as fashion changes and our designs advance, we love to test and perfect new colours adding to our unique colour palette.

Why not have a piece of  tile wall art that will make your kitchen or bathroom really come to life ?