If you are looking for kitchen design inspiration , have a look at our hand painted metro tiles – lovingly crafted right here in our Cotswold studio.

Our new Damson glaze is proving very popular at the mo – the soft tones work so well in a kitchen with  wood surfaces & kitchen cabinets .
Damson also looks lovely with granite surfaces & natural materials as all our glazes use natural minerals to give those rich , glossy colours
Plus , Damson seems to really show off the colours of the Dragonfly , Peacock butterfly & Great Tit bird shown here just peaking on the edge !

But we have lots more delightful wildlife tile designs too … why not have a selection of different Butterfly tiles or a cheeky Grasshopper or brightly coloured Ladybird tile ?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home so why not use our hand decorated art tiles to bring in a really unique feel & provide a real talking point !