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Shimmering Kingfishers & funky Frog tiles…perfect for kitchen splash-backs !

The tiles above ( 1 – 6 ) are shown on 20x20cm format with a Turquoise background, they are also available on 15x15cm format.


Remember , as we hand paint the tiles to order , most background colours can be swapped to suit your colour scheme .

Top :  Woodland butterfly

Middle: 7 spot butterfly

Bottom: Peacock butterfly

Above  shown on a Celadon background 15×7.5cm tile  ,


also available on 10x20cm & 15 x15cm tile format & various backgrounds .


The tiles above (7 – 17 ) , shown on a Jade background which beautifully complements most kitchens , are available on either a 10x20cms , 10x10cms format & some on a 15x15cm tile.

The Jazz stripe border ( 14 & 18 )  is available on 7.5x15cm,  5x20cms or 10x20cms tile with corners to match.

Also available are plain Jade tiles in various formats.

Top : Dragonfly

Middle : Open wing Bee

Bottom : Closed wing Bee

Above shown on Celadon background 15×7.5cm tile .


Also available on 10x20cm &  15x15cm & various background colours

Unique Trout panel shown on 10x20cm tiles , also available on 20x20cm  tiles  with Jazz stripe border tiles 5 x20cm .


All our tile murals have interchangeable borders to suit your scheme or look great without any borders !