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Hand paited kitchen tile splashback inspiration …
Art tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes – they are so practical , last for ages , hygenic & easy to clean & best of all look amazing !
Our decorative tiles come in many sizes to suit your kitchen or bathroom & all have our gorgeous Persian glazes  with their decorative crackle finish & intense colours.
Let us create some unique tile designs just for you … get in touch to have a chat about all things tiles .
We are proud that  we are part of artisan makers in Great Britain & we really appreciate that customers love supporting home grown artists that create beautiful , hand made items for your home .
We love creating custom made tile murals or see our website for more tile design ideas including Bees , Butterflies & Garden Birds .
All our hand decorated wall art tiles are sealed before dispatch which means they are suitable for your kitchen & bathroom backsplashes … one less thing for you to do 😍