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Hand decorated tiles as seen in Grand Designs Gloucestershire Treehouse episode


Woodland themes as bathroom surround

Metro style Bee tile with Celadon background ( top ) & Damson background( bottom ) in a kitchen..

Gloucestershire Treehouse, woodland creatures - inspired by English countryside

Selection of Bird tiles with Glacier background on a brick tile

NEW ! Gorgeous Wren on 15x15cm tile.

NEW ! Gorgeous Wren on a 15x15cm tile.

Room shots & in-situ tiles on this page courtesy of Mike Henton                 ( except Great Tit behind basin )


Our new range of hand painted tiles as seen on Grand Designs in the Dursley Treehouse kitchen & bathroom…

We’ve specially created some brand new tiles – much loved British Garden Birds & beautiful Bees & Moths – all inspired by the wonderful wildlife that surrounds our Cotswold super eco home & studio.

In the Treehouse bathroom, there are Robins, Goldfinches & a cheeky Sparrow! All full of personality & character & because each one is hand painted, each one is totally unique …

In the Treehouse kitchen, overlooking the Cotswold hills in the distance – new gorgeous, rich Moth & Bee tiles flutter behind the sink & worktop … could there be a better place to wash-up?

”I wanted to create some really unique tiles, especially for our new eco home & tile studio … I love all the birds in the trees & the moths that live here with us … I hope I’ve managed to capture their beauty!”

For more info on our home & holiday self catering cabin in the garden of the Treehouse ,please visit www.dursleytreehouse.co.uk

Great Tit on 15x15cm tile with a Turquoise background