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charismatic accents of colour tiles
Dramatic , glossy glazes on the Multi Square tile produce intense colours to really personalize your room .
How about customizing your own tile to suit your room ?

Above is an example of one clever customer who wanted our zingy Orange in the centre of the Single Square instead of the Pale Blue…she now has a totally unique piece of art , made specially for her ! We were delighted to help …

Go on , be brave & let your imagination go wild !


Create a real statement … charismatic accents of colour


For the latest in bold & beautiful wall tiles, our Contemporary Brights range provide a gorgeous focal point.


Rich turquoise and ultramarine ceramic wall tiles are combined with orange and green accents for a stylish feel.


Instead of totally re-decorating your room to bring in more colour , try adding patterned tiles , they can really improve & modernize the decor you already have.


Try several of the same design for a contemporary wall tile mural in your bathroom or kitchen , not for the faint hearted but a stunning addition that reflects your personality.


Maybe you fancy something a bit more subtle ?… Try a border of Jazz stripe tiles running all the way around your wall  , either the delicate Lilac & Ultramarine stripe ( JA66 ) or the bold Bottle Green & Cobalt Blue stripe ( JA65 ) for a wonderfully dramatic touch .


Use the corner Jazz Stripe  tiles to go round your corners …we’ve seen it used around a window to really frame a lovely view !



Single square Brights tile in 20x20cm.

Single Square 20x20cm JA62


Sizes Available

Whole tiles… contemporary ceramic tiles

  • 20x20cm & 15×15cm
  • 7.5×15cm
  • 5×20cm
  • 7.5×7.5cm & 5x5cm squares

For the FULL RANGE in the  Contemporary Brights collection, click here

Use our contemporary hand made Multi Square tiles as a dramatic & eye catching border – here we’ve created a 15x15cm version & teamed them with a white metro style 7.5x15cm tile.